Growth – boon or bane?

Comfort zone A view of Sri Krishna Nagar

Comfort zone A view of Sri Krishna Nagar   | Photo Credit: Photo: S.S.Kavitha

Sri Krishna Nagar’s growth from a village-like setting to a city-like atmosphere cannot be missed

Once a village, now a city. That’s the best way to describe Sri Krishna Nagar perhaps. From the New Natham Road, a left turn puts you on the road to this nagar, which welcomes people with couplets from Thirukkural at the entrance. Sign boards have been installed at strategic points displaying the famous sayings.

The din and bustle of the New Natham Road has its say on the residents here and so do the dusty and crowded streets, a bane of every city resident.

The area which today houses Sri Krishna Nagar was originally a part of Thirupalai village. When Thangiah Konar promoted the land in 1987, 15 houses came up alongside the green patches. Over the areas, the area got more concretised and today there are over 350 houses holding a population of 2,500.


As the number of houses started increasing, the residents formed themselves into a welfare association in 1993. “The area has come up from zero facilities to everything under the roof,” sums up association secretary V. Samiraj.

“There would not be proper roads and bus stop but for the association,” he notes.

Besides serious issues on its agenda that concern the welfare of the residents, the association is also into lot of fun activities like Pongal celebrations and Moonlight dinner (Nila Sapaddu) during ‘Chitra Pournami.’

During such gatherings, competitions, quiz and cultural programmes are conducted.

One unique feature is the presence of a news board at the entrance. The association has appointed a person to write a couplet from Thirukkural daily besides making a note of the important activities of the associations scheduled for the day.

“Good sayings and words have become a rarity and we are trying our bit to educate the passers-by,” says V. Pandi, the association president. Though there are lot of good things happening, but the area is devoid of street lights in many streets.

For more facilities

As a result, chain snatching and other petty thefts have become common, point out residents. The other major nuisance that troubles the residents here is the lack of a proper open or underground drainage system. “On our part, we have appointed a watchman and a garbage collector. Besides we are also working towards getting potable water through the Vaigai channel II project and getting an electric crematorium built,” says Mr. Samiraj. Given its proximity to the Natham main road, residents have no reason to complain about bus facilities. Also the presence of a good number of schools and hospitals in the area is a plus point.

If Thirukkural sayings usher in good sense while entering the area, it is the fragrance of flowers which reel in your mind taking leave for all the 20 and 30 feet road in the nagar have been named after flowers.


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