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There is a general lack of awareness about the goodness of organic food. Read on to know the what, how and why of it

The best gift that we can give to family and friends is the gift of good health. Last century we have seen the rise of innumerable diseaseslike diabetes, cardio- vascular and cancer. Children are going into puberty earlier, girls with menopausal problems and infertility, youngsters with depression, mood swings, chronic fatigue, aggression and attention deficit syndrome are on the increase? Why? The biggest culprit is the food we eat.

Cocktail of chemicals

Today we are being fed on a deadly cocktail of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, full of addictives genetically modified, pumped in with hormones, topped with processed flour high sugar and salt.

This is bombarding our brains and body. In Europe a test done on 11- year- old Mollie detected with 54 chemicals in her body, the cause of all these diseases. Chemicals affect the neuro functioning of the brain and the memory empowering function of the central nervous system. What’s a possible solution? Organic food.

‘Organic’ means ‘living’, food that is grown without any additions of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, chemical coatings or irradiation and no genetic engineering. It is nothing but pure food – the way nature designed it.


Organic food is wholesome, live food, absolutely safe. It is nutritious, protects us against diseases, stops toxic overload in our bodies, retains authentic taste and flavour of the food.

It is value for money as you save on medical bills because your immunity is higher and your vitamin mineral absorption is better than the rest. Organic food costs more but remember charity begins at home. The 20 per cent more would contribute extensively to the well being of not only your health, but also contribute greatly to ecology.

Organic food is ‘ahimsak ahaar’ (non-violent food) because it is produced in harmony with nature, without killing animals or plants.

By eating organic food you reduce the toxic overload on Nature and reduce your carbon print. It is produced through a system of agriculture that respects the environment.

It is easy to be organic. Take one step at a time. Start with including a few organic products in your daily diet – organic spices (turmeric, salt, and chilli), grains, honey, cold pressed oils, fruits and others would follow if we start asking for them.

Home grown manure

In India lots of crops are nourished with ‘desi khaad’,( home-grown manure) which keeps the soil fertile. Unfortunately due to lack of demand and awareness organic food has not got its due in our country.

The western world is paying a premium price to obtain organic produce. It is a well-being mantra there. Now, let us make it ours!


(Naini Setalvad is a nutritionist and obesity consultant based in Mumbai. Her email id is > )


Organic food includes more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

It has 390 per cent more selenium (protects against cancer)

188 per cent more magnesium (for muscles and brain)78 per cent more chromium (prevents heart disease)

10-50 per cent more antioxidants (for glowing skin)

63 per cent more calcium

70 per cent more boron; for bones plus more brain building Omega3 EFAs.

Research has documented that ‘chemicalised’ food strip away vitamins and minerals. Processing further robs it off essential nutrients.

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