Getting it just right

Have you considered rechecking innerwear? Chances are you might be exposing yourself to health problems. As many as 70 per cent of women put their health at risk by wearing incorrectly sized bras. And this is where Debenhams, Britain’s leading department store, steps in to provide a free fitting service to its customers. The store will be hosting a workshop from April 11 to 20 at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, to increase awareness regarding lingerie selection and fitting. Women will be offered personalised lingerie consultancy by the staff and special discounts too. Debenhams has collaborated with the NGO Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) to increase breast cancer awareness during the event.

For every item purchased, a part of the proceeds will go to CPAA.

Sarah Bailey and Jacqui Paice from Debenhams UK have flown down to oversee the event. Paice says, “After receiving feedback from the staff here, we realised that there is no full awareness about lingerie. We want to re-look and refresh women’s concerns, and adapt the knowledge that already exists. A right fit can improve your self- confidence. Fitting is important not only from this point of view, but is very important for one’s health in terms of posture, reducing aching necks, backs and shoulders.”

Both Bailey and Paice feel that due to the large interest in fashion, women tend to pick up fancy lingerie without knowing if it fits them well. That is why the store’s staff has been trained to look after the requirements of customers, explain the requirements of different garments, and introduce different styles and looks.

They claim the staff training to be accredited by the international lingerie brand Triumph.

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