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PIT STOP GAMES A part of Campus Rock Idols festival

PIT STOP GAMES A part of Campus Rock Idols festival  

The Chennai leg of ‘Campus Rock Idols’ was kick started recently with fun activities

The Chennai leg of ‘Campus Rock Idols’ got off to a rocking start much before the music began. Stalls at the venue (Sir Mutha Venkatasubbarao Concert Hall) of this inter-collegiate rock concert promoted fun activities as well as sponsors’ wares.

At the Nokia stall, emcee Richard got visitors to pick up a guitar, wear a coloured wig (pink and other loud ones) and head-bang. In return for making a spectacle of themselves, they got free audio CDs.

‘Adrenaline partner’ for the rock event, Force India F1 Team, contributed to the entertainment with a cardboard profile of its FI machine. With two tyres fitted to axles, this paper car was central to a game.

Emcee Aaliyah Khan invited bystanders to remove and refit the two tyres, with air guns. It was meant to be a team-based game, with one member removing the front tyre while the other attended to the rear one. Following this, the front tyre was fitted in the rear and vice versa. The teams raced against a timer; the team with the best timing was going to be the winner. The idea was to create a situation usually encountered at pit stops, where mechanics have to be on their toes.

The event, however, veered considerably from the original plan. Hardly had the first team left the ‘pit stop’ than a mechanical glitch came to light. One air gun was not functioning. As a result, the team game was reduced to one for individuals. Every participant had to remove a tyre and refit it in its original position.

To have a go at the air guns, one had to leave his email address. As the organisers promised to keep them updated with news about the Force India FI Team, the participants were happy to do so.


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