For day-long trips


A one-day trip needs as much planning as a week-long one. Here’s how to make it a hassle-free experience.


Plan according to the nature of the trip

Are you visiting a relative or friend? Or attending a wedding? Pack your gifts well in time. Preferably, your bags too.

Is this a trip to get away from it all? Then, leave at the crack of dawn, taking in the sights and sounds of a world that is yet to awaken.

Are you taking your children along? Take in enough to keep them entertained through the trip.


How are you travelling?

If you are flying, book in advance to get the best deals.

If taking the car, leave early to beat the traffic, and also enjoy the early morning chill.

Train journeys can be fun — keep a ready stock of things to do and, of course, eat.

As for the bus, catch up on reading and plug into some music!

Time for leisure

You can pack some activity into a day-long trip too.

Are you at a hill station or place by the beach? Check out horse-riding. The world looks different sitting on a horse.

Any good parks around? Take a stroll, something you rarely do in your own city.

The essentials

Pack finger food

Sandwiches, stuffed rotis... anything that is non-messy. If travelling by car, pack a picnic lunch. Pull over near a water body or a shade-giving tree and induge in Nature’s midst.

Train trip?

Leave by a train that reaches your destination after dawn. You don’t want to feel lost in a new town. For the return trip, ensure you reach early. That way, you catch up on rest before heading to work.

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