For a dynamic look

Honda Civic undergoes a mild makeover

Refreshed Civic coming

The Honda Civic will see a few mild changes to its styling in a couple of months’ time. The design is so futuristic, according to Honda’s engineers, that they saw little need to tinker with it.

The changes, though small, contribute to make the Civic that little bit more dynamic to look at.

The nose has been tweaked, with the grille now sporting a five-sided geometric edge instead of the earlier ‘smiley’ outline, and the front bumper has re-profiled edges and fog lamps.

At the rear, the tail-lamp elements retain the ‘after-burner’ look, albeit with squared-out edges instead of the earlier round elements.

The refreshed Civic will be available at a slight premium when it goes on sale here, and is the typical Honda mid-life tweak ahead of the all-new model expected in 2011.

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