Floored by the green

curED Of homesickness  

Sri Lankan Tharindu Dinuwan is taken up by the city's parks and lakes

“It is the beauty of the city that made my home-sickness disappear,” asserts Tharindu Dinuwan, a Sri Lankan who moved to India to pursue his higher studies. “I've lived here for the past year and a half and I'm now used to life in the big city.”

He narrates: “When I first visited the city in July 2008, I was apprehensive not because I was young and on my own but because this was a new country, a new city, a new home. But the people I got to know here have been so kind and helpful that I got to like Bangalore rather quickly.”

The young expat is amazed at how advanced the city is. “The rate at which Bangalore is developing is simply outstanding. There are new and better roads, a good transport system, attractive buildings and malls. This place has everything that makes life more comfortable, not just for those who belong here, but also for expats,” he says.

Tharindu is a nature lover and is in awe of the “well maintained parks, gardens and lakes, which are the star attractions of the city.” But he wishes the people would be more environmentally responsible and do everything they can to preserve the green cover here.

In his free time, Tharindu says he enjoys visiting historical sites in and around the city. He is presently doing his B.Sc. at a city college. After his post graduation, Tharindu hopes to be a part of NASA someday.