Ferrari’s magic show ends

Prestigious Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari recently completed its 13,000-kilometre long “Ferrari Magic India Discovery Drive”. Its two participating 612 Scaglietti cars were flagged off at the Gateway of India in Mumbai on May 7. More than 50 journalists from India and around the world took turns to get behind the wheels of the two cars along the 13 often extremely difficult stages that spanned 57 cities in the over 70-day tour. This India drive follows earlier endurance drives by Ferrari like the “China, Ferrari 15,000 Red Miles” tour in 2005 and the “Pan-American 20,000” tour in 2006.

The idea behind this epic drive was to demonstrate that modern Ferraris are cars that can be used in any conditions. The second objective was to bring Ferrari into closer contact with its fans in the wider public arena beyond the tight circle of track. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo in his special video message at the flag-in event stressed how “the two 612 Scagliettis felt at home on the Indian roads, demonstrating that Ferrari Grand Tourers not only guarantee top class performance but also absolute safety and comfort even in the most difficult conditions.”