Fall for falooda

Enjoy the colourful drink cum dessert

Fresh and dried fruits provide oodles of allure in these delicacies, meant for the young-at-heart!


Can be prepared three hours ahead of time and chilled to set.


Vanilla ice cream- Half a family pack

Raspberry/strawberry jelly- 1 pkt

Rose essence- 2 drops

Black khus-khus- 2tsp

Semiya- one-third cup

Milk – 1 cup

Lime juice- Half tsp

Vanilla essence- 3 drops

Sugar- 10 tbsp, in total

Red colour- 2 to 3 drops

Water- 1 cup

Fruits - Ripe orange, mango, pineapple, apple, grapes, banana, peach etc- cubed. Cherries, wafers, black currants, caramelised cashews - to decorate.


To prepare Khus-khus

Soak black khus-khus in sugared water for an hour

To prepare rose- semiya mixture

Roast one-third cup semiya lightly. Boil this in one cup water. Cook this over medium flame till semiya absorbs all the water (Do not add more water).Now add a cup of milk. When the semiya turns soft, add five tbsp sugar. Add two drops of rose essence and two drops of cherry- red colour.

To prepare Raspberry jelly

Dissolve jelly crystals in one cup of hot water. Add two tbsp sugar. Stir well till fully dissolved. Add one cup of cold water and stir well. Freeze for one hour till set.

To prepare fruit mix

Clean and cut all the fruits into small cubes. Add half tsp lime juice, two to three drops vanilla essence and two tbsp sugar. Refrigerate for two hours.

To assemble

Take a tall serving glass.

Put in one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Above this, add the pre-soaked khus- khus. Now add one tbsp strawberry/ raspberry jelly. Top this with three tbsp of the rose-semiya mixture. Add one tbsp strawberry jelly. Layer with two tbsp of the prepared fruits. Top off with a scoop of ice-cream. Chill to set. Garnish with chopped cherries, wafers, black currants and caramelised nuts. Serve cold.


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