This blog tells you how to cook Indian food. More importantly, it also tells you how not to cook Indian food.

“In no case, and I mean no case, should you add ketchup while making curry. If you’re short of time for chopping tomatoes, run them through a food processor to puree. If that’s still not an option, then please, at least use canned tomato paste. But do not use ketchup! That just won’t work. I can only begin to imagine the taste it would give to your so-called curry!”

There’s more. “Whatever people may like to think, curry powder is not really a solution to making a quick curry. In fact, until and unless it’s a blend from a given Indian locale, like say, Madras curry powder, or Malabar curry powder, then it probably won’t and can’t even taste anything close to the chicken curry you ravished for dinner at the nearby Indian restaurant.”

And finally, “No matter what happens, do not add flour to thicken your gravy. Stir in some yoghurt, or better still, a tablespoon or two of cashew/almond paste/powder. The results will be delicious, without being lumpy and looking a mess.”

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