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Nature’s hues A painting by Madhu Priya

Nature’s hues A painting by Madhu Priya  

Beautiful imaginary figures, portraits that depict natural beauty, dreams, love and evils of the society. All with a dose of idealism. That is what the Summer Group art exhibition at the Indian Habitat Centre is all about. Showcasing works by five artists who have let their paintings express their feelings, the exhibition is on view till June 3. The main aim of Dhanpal Singh’s paintings was to make people aware of social issues like child labour, dowry and sati. “I want my paintings to carry the message of how cruel and nasty our society has become. There are no emotions left, and human beings are no less than a walking-talking machine. I want to bring that humane nature back into mankind,” says Dhanpal.

The youth

On the other hand, painters like Madhu Priya and Lal Bahadur Singh have depicted the beauty of flowers and the different colours of the high-spirited youth.

Painting is just a hobby for Madhu Priya. She says, “It is by the grace of God that I have developed this talent. My paintings portrays happiness and ecstasybecause flowers are the most beautiful and delicate things on earth.” Though all her paintings are from memory, she takes inspiration from the natural environment. “I love whatever nature has bestowed on us.”

Madhu uses all types of colours on her canvas, be it acrylic, watercolours or pencil shades. “It is not about my will, I fill the colours depending on what the canvas demands,” she adds. The paintings by Lal Bahadur Singh mirror how our society has changed and modernisation has emerged. His paintings illustrate the power of youth, the acceptance of western trends and the gift of luxurious machines that make our life comfortable. Lal Bahadur cites an example. “If you look at my painting called Yovan, it shows a young girl who is irritated by her neighbours and the people around her, which I have depicted through a white dove who is irritated by small flies.”

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