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NOVEL Television infused with a unique sense of passion

NOVEL Television infused with a unique sense of passion  

Discovery Channel has a line-up of fascinating adventure stories

Ever wondered if Noah’s Ark really existed? Or if Timbuktu was really a city of gold and if life on earth commenced on Mars? Find out for yourself by tuning into Discovery Channel’s series, “Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein”.

This is a “thrill ride filled with adventure and mystery, ancient riddles and modern-day issues,” say the makers. Josh journeys on an epic quest in this eight-part series that premiers tonight at 9 p.m.

Josh is an explorer and educator with a “voracious appetite for knowledge and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to unravel mysteries and explore natural wonders”. In each episode he delves into some of the greatest mysteries on earth and investigates most fascinating stories — how did the Anga tribe of Papua New Guinea mummify their dead, why is the conflict between elephants and humans escalating in Africa and did the flood of Genesis really happen?

Bernstein has infused the television with a unique sense of passion, curiosity and adventure. In the past few years, Bernstein has travelled over 500,000 miles by train, plane, bus, bike and camel to over 40 countries, exploring the tombs of Egypt, the ice floes of the Arctic and the jungles of the Amazon in pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

The series begins with “Search for Noah’s Ark”. Was there an actual ark or a man called Noah? Josh travels throughout Armenia, Israel, Sicily and Cyprus to investigate a compelling new theory about the truth behind this extraordinary story.

On February 9, watch “Secret Life of Gladiators”, which takes you to the place where the gladiators participated in history’s most deadly sport, but does the Hollywood portrayal of gladiators bear any resemblance to the truth? Were they slaves or celebrities? What was their training and everyday home life like? Josh takes you to this former Roman Empire from Italy to Turkey to Tunisia to find out.

“Timbuktu” will be telecast on February 16, where you can travel with Josh across West Africa, into the Sahara desert and to the famous city itself on a quest to find the legend of gold and determine if the myth was ever really true.

“Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein” will be aired on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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