Empowering widows

On International Widows’ Day, Loomba Trust, in association with Blossom Kochhar Group, is celebrating the graduation of 10 widows trained in hair and beauty care by renowned aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar at an event to be held today at the residence of the British High Commissioner. Renuka Choudhary, Minister for Child and Women’s Welfare will be the guest of honour.

The Loomba Trust Entrepreneurship Programme aims at empowering poor widows and transforming their lives making them self-reliant.

After the training, the Trust will assist the women in establishing their own salons to enable them to support themselves.

Launched by Cherie Blair, the President of the Loomba Trust, International Widows’ Day is celebrated simultaneously in the U.K. and many countries of South Asia and Africa to draw attention to the plight of widows worldwide.

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