Couture with a conscience

Fashion ‘Ethicus' brand blends best practices in cotton growing and chic style, on show at Fabindia

I f clothing with conscience is your mantra, then the Ethicus brand should well be a part of your wardrobe. For here Ethics meets Us, in a smart blend of ethical practices in cotton growing to transforming the yarn into a stunning fabric spun on revived jacquard handlooms, by an enterprising duo who have managed to revive and retail stylishly their three generation old cotton business. From farmer to designer to customer all become part of an experiment started by Mani Chinnaswamy and Vijaylakshmi Nachiar in Pollachi, a few years ago.

Theirs is a story of picking up the threads of an old cotton business that needed a revamp to suit the changing times and style. They have woven out a plan which includes the hitherto unsung farmer toiling away in the cotton field to the unsung weaver stooped over looms in his unlit and small home. After infusing new energy into their lives Viji, with her Master's degree in Textiles and clothing from SNDT , Mumbai brought in new patterns and weaves transforming the uninspired fabrics that was being woven before. New designs, motifs, patterns together with pesticide free cotton and modernised looms the entire get up of a dying and fading enterprise changed. Not only have the two given the farmers their due by placing his photo and name on the final garment that sells but Mani with a Management Degree from US reached out to the farmers by helping them grow organic cotton. Hence acres of cotton farms around the Kabini River in Karnataka have turned organic.

Organic cotton

Ethicus that sells 100 per cent eco-logic organic cotton and ethical silk is part of Appachi Cotton, the parent company. Apart from exquisite saris the brand also has a range of stoles, dupattas, men's and women's garments.

With an inspiring and ethical business model where gains reach from top to bottom, the story of Ethicus is a heart warming one. Dressed in one of their products is a tribute to the farmer who has grown the cotton to the weaver who has woven the fabric and the designer who has brought together their efforts into a stunning fabric. Ethicus range will be on sale and show at the Fabindia store at Thamarapally, Ravipuram from August 12 to 15. The timings of the sale are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more details contact 3018686.


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