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Own niche Sakshi Gulati in New Delhi

Own niche Sakshi Gulati in New Delhi   | Photo Credit: Photo: R.V. MOORTHY

Sakshi Gulati speaks about her debut in Ramgopal Varma’s “Contract”

It comes as quite a surprise when the dainty and delicate Sakshi Gulati tells you that she adores adventure sports. “That’s what helped me in doing the stunt-scenes for Contract,” she says. Sakshi, an economics graduate from Delhi University, makes her debut in Ramgopal Varma’s forthcoming movie Contract, which completes Ramu’s trilogy of underworld movies; the first two being Satya and Company. “It’s the role of an ‘action heroine’,” she tells you enthusiastically. While shooting in Thailand, Sakshi trained for three hours for a jet-skiing scene in the ocean — without a life jacket. Her father being a brigadier, Sakshi says it was her army background that made her comfortable with all the stunts.

So how did she bag the role? Sakshi, who was Femina Miss India 2007 runner-up, says that she wanted to try something new after modelling, and was actually looking for a career in Bollywood. On a friend’s suggestion she went to Ramgopal Varma, who was just completing the casting for his new film. “He asked me to do anything, so I took up four lines and repeated them in as many different ways as I could. Then he gave me a two-page monologue which I had to deliver. Later, he discussed everything with me, how the character should behave, what clothes should she wear…”

Asked about her experience of working with RGV, Sakshi enthused about the independence, which he gives to his actors to interpret the scene in their own way. To prepare for Bollywood, she reveals that she has taken acting courses from Barry John and has learnt Kathak and Salsa.


Asked whether her role would be noticeable in a movie that is male-centric, Sakshi explained that RGV is experimenting with putting the woman character in the foreground along with the male cast. “I am the only central female character, so it is bound to be noticeable!” she pointed out. “There is a love story that runs parallel which centres around me.”


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