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Multifaceted Meera Ravi

Multifaceted Meera Ravi   | Photo Credit: Photo: K. Gopinathan

Meera Ravi has been able to deal with a lot — from tyres to marital relationships

Selling automobile tyres for a living and writing books? The unusual combination draws us to Meera Ravi, the lady who has a post-graduate degree in book publishing from Delhi and is married to a Bangalore-based businessman.

“I got into the business of selling tyres as it was the family business. I wanted to have a flexi job, where I could bring in a balance between home and work. Being a woman in the tyre industry I drew a lot of attention and I have worked only with men and have learnt a lot from them,” says Meera, who always wanted to do something challenging.

Once the business grew, they started a second outlet, of which she took complete charge. “Once the children grew up I realised I had more time on hand. I wanted to do something more meaningful. That's when I got into the Richmond Fellowship Society as a volunteer, where I could work with patients who are into rehabilitation, teach them yoga, and just be there with them.”

That's when she discovered her leanings towards counselling. She trained herself as a counsellor and also took up advanced courses on the subject. Then, she visited various education institutes to counsel children. “I have a passion for children and can relate well with them. I realised that they go through tremendous academic pressures.” She brought out her first book “Guide to Study Skills” and the second book “Teaching Through The Heart”, both published by Viva Books Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. The latter was just given away as gifts to teachers from various institutions. It does not have any teaching methodology but helps them to reach out to children.

Meera then launched Prerana, an academy for growth and guidance. Children, parents, adults and couples came to seek her help. “You will be amazed to see how many differences children have with their parents.” As she got involved deeper into counselling, Meera's tyre business took a backseat. She would spend most of her time with her books and counselling. “Being a counsellor also helped me be a good parent to my children. My perspectives about parenting changed completely. It needs skills and is not just a formula that is handed down from our ancestors .”

When she started counselling couples (pre and post-marital counselling) she decided to write another book “Arrange Your Love Marriage” published by Viva Books. This book will be launched on February 26 at Crossword, Residency Road at 6 p.m.

The book talks about relationships. “With arranged marriages, the tolerance level is higher. But in love marriages it is low as the expectations are very high. I am speaking on the basis of my observation. This book is more like a hand guide. There are a lot of exercises in it, which will help couples to assess their relationship,” she says and adds: “No relationship is smooth. This book took me almost six months to bring out. I do a lot of research before I do anything. For this book I have done a survey and also sent out a questionnaire to people. The very first chapter is about marriage, then it talks about commitments. Ample space is given to jealous and abusive relationships. The sad part is that not many people are even aware that they are in an abusive relationship.”

She says that counselling is a slow process and suggests that people should seek help from a counsellor for she is a neutral person, and will not be supportive of one individual. Suggestions by friends and family can actually cause harm, she observes.

Meera conducts workshops for parents and teachers. She counsels teenagers too. Contact her on 9980072005/ 26763159. E-mail her on


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