Confident and charming

Kajal is excited playing a princess and a college girl in ‘Magadheera’

There is absolutely no change in Kajal Agarwal. She is the same simple, vivacious, mercurial girl that one saw in Lakshmi Kalyanam, her debut film.

Having completed five films and four big movies already in her kitty, the hesitant, guarded expression on her face is gone, she is lot more confident and is completely at home in the Telugu film industry.

With Magadheera and a Tamil film ready for release and her projects with Arjun, Ram, Prabhas on the anvil, the actress is making all the right moves. At her spacious flat in Sagar Society, the lady is a live wire and an interviewer’s delight.

She excitedly recalls her work in Magadheera, which is touted as the most expensive film ever made in Telugu cinema.

Kajal says every film — be it Chandamama, Aatadista, Lakshmi Kalyanam, Pourudu — has been a learning experience for her. If Lakshmi Kalyanam had taught her how to stand and talk before the camera, Chandamama has brought out the spontaneity in her.

She adds, “Teja as a director is a task master, he is very methodical when he comes to the sets and expects us to be well rehearsed, and wants it perfect. Krishna Vamsi on the other hand wants raw performances, wants us to improvise on each expression.”

Kajal calls it her fortune to be a part of the exciting project, she had worked 14 hours every day since the film began and even went through rigorous dancing classes after pack up to look like a classical dancer in the dheera dheera magadheera number. To look like a heroine of a love story that dates back to 400 years is no easy task. She adds, “I had to get the body language right, I was required to give strong emotions as this film in one half of the story doesn’t allow any physical contact. Every emotion is through the eyes. From day one when I heard the script, I kept doing my homework. I watched a lot of Raj Kapoor-Nargis films to see their chemistry come alive on screen. The make up every day was for over two hours and we shuttled from periodic to contemporary sets at the drop of the hat. One day I was a princess, the other day was a normal college girl. Finally, I didn’t cheat on anything or myself, hopefully all of that shows when the film releases.”

The most interesting scene that Kajal says one should look out for was when the hero, Ramcharan comes chasing her on a horse while she’s in the bus.

It was shot at RTC Cross Roads. Kajal giggles, “the hero just discovers that I’m the girl he’s looking for and he’s chasing us in the busy traffic. It’s funny and I’m sure everyone will like it.”

The topic moves to her family, she is all praise for her mother who is constantly with her and takes care of her every need. She says, “after a gruelling day’s work, I want to come home and just crash. She gives me my soup, dinner and puts me to sleep. She is my only stress buster.”


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