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All Saint’s quizzers’ club turns 10

It’s been around for 10 years now and has been silently making progress. It’s the quizzers club of All Saint’s College.

Started in August 1999, there was no formal inauguration of the association. In 2000, the club was christened ‘The Sixth Sense.’

“Not without a little inspiration from the M. Night Shyamalan movie,” laughs Khyrunnisa, Lecturer, Department of English, All Saint’s College. Khyrunnisa has been instrumental in the setting up of the club.

A college club is not a rare thing. But having one that actually works, is not that easy. The members of the club meet up once a week and have regular quiz sessions. “It is the enthusiasm of the students which keeps the club alive,” says Khyrunnisa.

Up to date

The club aims at promoting awareness among the students on what is happening around them. Khyrunnisa ensures that the students read the newspaper and are up to date with national and international events. Members of the club are divided into small groups. Each of the groups rotate in setting questions on any subject of their choice such as science, history and sports.

The members participate in inter-collegiate quizzes and competitions. According to Prabha, secretary of the Club, there is a record maintained at the college of all the weekly quizzes conducted by the club including the questions and the names of the winners.

For Devika Gopinath, a member of the club, the experience of attending inter-collegiate quizzes has brought about an opportunity to learn a lot and interact with fellow quizzers.

“Sixth sense was a great deal of fun. We did not realise that we were learning in the process. We were a team of six and we divided geography, science, sports, politics, literature and entertainment among us and turned these ‘grim subjects’ into a spectrum of fun,” recalls a former student Neeraja Raghavan.

The Club celebrated its tenth anniversary recently. Colleges from across Kerala were invited to a grand quiz competition. The quiz was conducted by P.Vijaya Kumar, Head of the English Department at Women’s College.

Sita S.

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