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WALKATHON You can find anything from the humble canvas shoe to biking boots

WALKATHON You can find anything from the humble canvas shoe to biking boots   | Photo Credit: Photo: Bhagya Prakash K.

Find shoes for the entire family at Loft, which stocks branded footwear

Lakewood Malls Pvt. Ltd. (LMPL), a retail wing of Hiranandani Group of Companies has opened a new store and forayed into the Bangalore market. The store, called Loft, offers a wide range of footwear for men, women and children in formals, casual and party wear. These shoes come in fancy designs and colours. Loft offers over 50 branded shoes in each section.

The store, which is barely three months old, offers shoes in all kinds of leather. But for those that are against the use of leather, there are a couple of designs that offer shoes in artificial leather too.

There are brands like Florsheim, Homme, Provogue, Lee Cooper, Red Tape and Crocs, to name a few. “These shoes can be used even in rough weather,” say the people at the store.

Shoes for men come in the styles of semi formals, slip on, printed leather and “uncle shoes”! The shoes are called so because “mostly uncles go in for these designs”. There are also eco-brands that “come with a technology that marks comfort and style”. These shoes start at Rs. 1,885.

Another thing that will sweep the men off their feet are the adventure shoes. These rugged designs are just made for trekking and biking. These shoes come with really thick TPR soles and are much heavier than the others on the shelves. They are priced at Rs. 1,495 and above. For those who like to have unisex designs, there are Puma shoes that come with pretty shapes that can be worn by men and women.

There are also the Crocs beachwear shoes for men, women and children too. “These are extremely light and non-slip footwear that is made in material that is apt for the beach.”

The women’s section offers elegant styles in PU, PVC and rubber soles. The footwear comes in the options of flats, heeled, pencil heels, flats, shoes, platforms, wedge and medium heels. Browns, beiges, black, silver and gold, pink and red dominate. Besides branded footwear, there are also a few designs made in Mumbai. These come in hand-made designs. There are delicate designs that have beads and chumkis stitched with intricate gold and silver threads. They look so kitschy that they are perfect to put on for a party.

The children’s section has a wide range of shoes from the age “zero to 18”. Kitten shoes and the Barbie designs are a big hit here. There are shoes with Velcro, boots, sandals and fancy footwear. There is also one that comes with fancy lights and music in the soles for young children, besides the humble canvas shoes. Besides all these, the store also offers a range of accessories and foot-care products. The latter offers toe caps, foot sprays, heel cushions and gelled heels.

Loft, on Commercial Street, is open from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. everyday. It can be contacted on 64568026 or 64568062.


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