Chocolate mousse

No of portions: 4


Dark chocolate: 200 gm

Dairy whipping cream: 280 gm

Brandy/coffee concentrate (optional): 25 ml

Cocoa powder and fruits: for garnish


In a thick bottom pan bring 120 gm of cream to boil. Add roughly chopped chocolate to the boiling cream and remove from fire. Stir well until smooth and the chocolate pieces are completely dissolved. Bring it to room temperature. Chill the balance cream in the fridge or using a ice bath. Whip it using a hand whisk or using an electric beater until it thickens. (Over whipping may cause the mousse to curdle). Fold the chocolate and the whipped cream carefully and add the optional brandy/coffee concentrate. Fill in serving bowls and set in refrigerator for about 2 hours. Decorate with chocolate flakes, cocoa dust or fresh fruits and serve.

Chef Santosh

(Chef Santosh is Sous Chef and heads the pastry team at The Park, Chennai)

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