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Deep thoughtBoman Irani is an avid photographer as well

Deep thoughtBoman Irani is an avid photographer as well   | Photo Credit: Photo: Bhagya Prakash K.

Boman Irani talks about his role as Dr. Ya in Love Story 2050

Boman Irani makes it clear that he isn’t married to Perizad Zorabian. “That baby is also not mine.” Zorabian’s husband being his namesake has often led people believe that the actor who played the unforgettable of Dr. Asthana in “Munnabhai MBBS” is the one who is married to Perizaad.

The actor with was in Bangalore recently to promote his latest film “Love Story 2050”. In the futuristic film, Boman will play “Dr Ya”, a mad scientist who has been working on a time machine for 15 years. And one fine day the machine starts working.

Secret formula

“I have lots of grey hair, moustache. I even have a love interest in the film and that is a robot,” says Boman.

Boman attributes his spot on performances to having fun. “Hard work happens when I am preparing for a role, but in front of camera, I play the game. It is just fun. I don’t know if there is another Dr. Ya so there is no reference point. Sometimes you just have to believe in the character.” The actor’s future projects include Rajkumar Hirani’s “Three Idiots” based on Chetan Bhagat’s “Five Point Someone”, Subhash Ghai’s “Yuvraaj”, thriller “Durbar” and “Maharathi” based on the Gujarati play “Maharthi”.

Boman, who started off in the world of theatre with plays like “I am not Bajirao” and Feroze Khan’s “Gandhi Vs Gandhi”, is not seen on stage now. “I don’t want to upset the apple cart. Even when I was doing theatre, I used to get film offers but then I concentrated on theatre and now I want to concentrate on films. I will go back to theatre. Lot my training has come from theatre,” he clarifies.

Wearing many hats

He is clearly a multi-faceted personality. Besides films, plays and ads, Boman also happens to be a photographer. Before theatre, Boman was a photographer who has done fashion photography and ad campaigns. “I carry a camera wherever I go. And I take pictures on a daily basis. Travelling gives me lot of opportunities to take pictures.”

But it is his career in films that is shining bright at the moment. “I am lucky to get different roles. At the same time it is very difficult to avoid stereotyping. People come to you and say ‘we know you do this well please do it.’ When Hirani approached me for ‘Three Idiots’, the similarities it had with one of my previous roles made me tepid towards the role. Hirani asked ‘Are you going to limit yourself this way?’ I said let me go home and find a point where I can bring a new element. And I did find it.”


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