Carnival of colours

A spectrum of art Artists from Chithrakala Academy and their paintings

A spectrum of art Artists from Chithrakala Academy and their paintings   | Photo Credit: PHOTOS:S.SIVA SARAVANAN

A profusion of paintings greets you at the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery as 35 artists showcase their work

It’s almost akin to attending a carnival of sorts. A carnival celebrating art on canvas. For, nearly 35 artists from different walks of life, have come together to showcase their original creations, right here in the city.

And, the art lover can enjoy them at the second painting exhibition in the series ‘Spectrum 200’9 at the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery, on Avanashi Road.

Different strokes

There is no dearth in diversity. From acrylic hues swept across beautiful landscapes, to dry pastel shades capturing the essence of Lord Ganesha, one is bound to discover at least one painting that will continue to linger in the mind’s eye.

The artists, trained at the Chitrakala Academy for Fine Arts, Coimbatore, all share only one thing in common – they are all keen adventurers in the world of art.

From the use of water colours, to playing around with oil pastels, to the skilled method of the palette knife, to deriving a near-three-dimensional effect using embossed relief work, one finds it all here.


A few (for the subjective eye, of course) stand out. For instance, with artist C.V. Rajan’s Joint Family, you are given a hugely imaginative interpretation of folks hailing from the Mohenjo-daro period.

Or, consider Assistant Art Director Ramprasad’s abstract rendition of Soul. One debates that while it could perhaps be the story of after-life, it might also be a depiction of the various shades that exist in one’s personality in-the-now.

Nature love

Artist Krishna Bharathi, also a PhD in Environmental Science, devotes his energy towards bringing to life the beauty apparent in waterfalls and landscapes.

And, Sumathi brings forth sheer genius in the symmetry and colour revealed in her Dancers while Professor Chetty Babu’s abstracts are filled with stark energy, persistently forcing the mind to think in a new way.

Artist Neelakandan experiments with style, form and colour while Chandrasekhar draws you in with the poignancy in The Wait of the three gypsy girls who are caught in frame.

Then, there is the crouched figure of The Tsunami Destitute.

Forest-cry, the work of temple-priest Jyoshi, recasts the acute necessity to protect and conserve the environment.

Much more

This, of course, only presents a very slight bird’s eye view.

With such an eclectic group of artists all brought under one roof, one is guaranteed fine food for thought and a visual treat to the eyes.

The paintings on display are also on sale, with a price range that travels from Rs.1000 to Rs. 10,000.

The exhibition is on from January 29 to February 1.

Timings for the same is 10 a.m. to 6.30. p.m. For further details, please call 0422-2574110.


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