Financial analyst Hareesh Moothi was working with HP and was introduced to the concept of real-life escape room games on a trip to Poland. “We did not have much to do and decided to head to a place that offered an almost realistic escape game experience. I fell in love with the concept when I played in escape rooms at the Czech Republic,” he says. Hareesh went on to play similar games across the world and eventually decided to take the plunge and start an independent project in India. “I quit my job and focussed all my energy on putting out an escape room game with a difference. I believe it is a good way to get people to work together as a team and be entertained as well. Building the games took time, since we had to set a good plot and viable scenarios in place. It was not just a task of placing some clues in a room and forgetting about it.”

Hareesh contends that game scenarios ranging from solving murder mysteries to sorting out secret service missions offer an opportunity for players to behave and work like their reel-life heroes. We have many corporate employees and college students coming back to try out different games. We are in talks to set up franchisees across the country.”


Price: Starts from Rs. 449 per head

Location: 27, NMR building, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala

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