Breaking into song

GETTING REAL Aditi does a gig

GETTING REAL Aditi does a gig  

One of Indian Idol's earliest contestants, Aditi Paul gets her Bollywood break with a chance to sing the title track of RGV's Rann

Effervescent and friendly, Aditi Paul, the pretty and diminutive singer has had a week filled with performances, travelling and not much sleep but she shows no signs of exhaustion.

The excitement of this “Indian Idol” contestant is perceptible as she talks about her playback singing debut in the soon to be released Ram Gopal Varma's “Rann” and her days as a contestant.

Leading the way

Much before reality shows took over Indian television big-time, Aditi Paul took part in Indian Idol in 2004. “We didn't know anything about reality shows then,” she says talking about her experience on the show. “Everything seemed more genuine, from the emotions to the interaction between the contestants.”

A student of Santiniketan and holding an M.A in English Literature, Aditi Paul was always interested in classical music but never imagined that she would end up with playback singing as a profession. When she took part in Indian Idol she had no idea about Bollywood film music. She says, “‘Indian Idol' was the perfect platform and taught me a lot about film music.”

It is with preparation and hard work in mastering her Hindi pronunciation that she finally got the chance to sing the theme song for “Rann”.

She laughs as she talks of how she gets the jitters before a live performance. But once she starts singing and makes that initial connection with the audience, the nervousness disappears.

Aditi still considers herself as a struggling artiste in the Bollywood music industry, but says that she loves her life. She looks forward to “good singing, good entertainment and love from the people around me”.


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