Bharyamar Sookshikkuka: 1968

T.E. Vasudevan produced successful films and many of them were based on his stories written under the pseudonym V Devan. The box office hit Bharyamar Sookshikkuka , released on December 19, 1968, was based on his story. Directed by K.S. Sethumadhavan and produced under the banner of Jayamaruthi Productions, script and dialogues were by SL Puram Sadanandan, cinematography by Mehli Irani and editing by T.R. Sreenivasalu. The film was shot at Arunachalam Studios. The film will be remembered for V. Dakshinamoorthy’s music.

Prem Nazir, K.P. Ummer, Adoor Bhasi, Sankaradi, Sheela, T.R. Omana, Kamaladevi played significant roles in the film.

Dr. Sreedhara Poduval (K.P. Ummer), a leading medical practitioner, lives in Chennai with his wife Shobha (Sheela) and father S.R. Poduval (Adoor Bhasi), a rich businessman. Shobha feels that she is deprived of due care from her husband because of his busy profession. One day, Poduval invites his friend and popular playback singer Suresh (Prem Nazir) to his house. Shobha is fascinated by his singing and they become friends.

Sreedharan goes abroad for higher studies. In the meantime, Shobha’s relationship with Suresh takes a new turn. She falls in love with him and appears with Suresh in public functions with support from her father-in-law Poduval who is unaware of their relationship. Suresh’s wife Vasanthi (Kamaladevi), a school teacher in Kerala, comes to know from her friends and newspaper reports about the relationship between her husband and Shobha. She picks up a fight with Suresh on this issue when he comes home.

Sreedharan returns. By this time Suresh and Shobha had decided to get married. Vasanthi comes to Chennai and returns shocked when she comes to know of her husband’s love affair. Suresh visits his home in Kerala and on the same day Vasanthi commits suicide. Now, Shobha thinks that Suresh had murdered Vasanthi. And Suresh is unable to convince Shobha of the truth.

Sreedharan comes to know about the love affair of his wife and her decision to marry Suresh. He asks Shobha to leave his house. Shobha approaches Suresh requesting him to marry her. Suresh takes her on a long drive and abandons her at a lonely place far away from the city. Shobha gets raped. She how decides to take revenge against Suresh, stabs him to death, and surrenders before the police. The film ends with a message about the duties of a husband and wife on marital responsibilities.

Both Prem Nazir and Sheela, deviated from their usual romantic roles and came up with impressive performances.

The songs written by Sreekumaran Thampi and set to music by Dakshinamoorthy became timeless hits. Songs like Chandrikayil aliyunnu … (K.J. Yesudas-P. Leela duet and solo by A.M. Raja), Vaikathashtami naalil …(Yesudas-S. Janaki), Akasam bhoomiye vilikkunnu …(Yesudas), Marubhoomiyil malar viriyukayo … (P. Jayachandran) have stood the test of time.

Will be remembered : As a good social film with morals on family life and for the songs, especially Chandrikayil aliyunnu

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