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Read on For risk-fee journeys

Read on For risk-fee journeys   | Photo Credit: Photo: C. Ratheesh kumar


Net benefit provides tips on travel safety

Kevin Coffey, a.k.a. ‘The Scholar of Thievery’ is a detective who specialises in travel safety. At >, clicking on the ‘Safety Tips’ link takes you to a sea of information that is designed to protect the average traveller from stalkers, phone card fraud, luggage theft and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The tips are anything but generic. Since the founder of the website is a veteran cop, each category has advice that’s to the point, yet comprehensive and uses real-life examples to show you what exactly to do in a situation that could compromise your safety. In the ‘Lost or stolen air ticket’ section, for example, the site gives you a step-by-step process to follow and offers some useful hints like making a photocopy of your ticket as soon as you buy it.

Coffey also throws light on credit card scams that are common during international travel (“that wasn’t the front desk calling to confirm your credit card number and expiration date”). For those who worry about having passports and money stolen while on the move, there are suggestions like neck pouches and hidden pocket wallets. The pros and cons of each (in terms of security, comfort and capacity) are discussed.

For women’s safety, there are subsections that have valuable pointers on solo travelling, the date rape drug and other miscellaneous caveats that include looking in your back seat before entering the car and calling housekeeping instead of hanging a “please clean room” sign on your door. Their safety literature is revelatory and the website does not cause paranoia. On the contrary, a quick once-over of their advice will equip you to take a load off your mind when you pack your bags and head out of the door.

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