Aren’t we precious?

The common man in India nowadays faces terror 24x7. But powerful politicians, their wards, industrialists, and other influential people enjoy security cover amounting to crores of rupees at the expense of the tax payers. It is a status symbol for them to have security guards. The services of well-trained armed personnel are wasted in providing security to them, but the common man is not cared for, and his life is always in peril.

Only on important days such as Independence Day and Republic Day is protection given in public places, but even on these occasions, innocent public are harassed. They are frisked in full public view, and their luggage are strewn in the name of scanning. Traffic is brought to a halt, and the public goes through untold hardship when the so-called VIPs are on visit. Are only their lives precious? If they fear attack, let them stay at home. Instead of wasting money on their security, funds should be allocated to the armed forces, para-military personnel and police who fight with century-old wooden rifles and without bullet-proof vests while the terrorists attack with modern weapons and gadgets.

T. Ramanathan


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