An evening in Paris


BY THE MOUTHFULL at Creperie  

Creperie dishes out crepes, sandwiches and smoothies with a dash of French flavour

What can shopping do? Burn a hole in our pockets, provide us with new clothes, shoes and the works and help burn a few calories with all that running around. Or it could just make us hungry.

One such Sunday after scouring the city's stores, a friend and I arrive at Globus in T. Nagar. Our shopping frenzy satiated, we step out famished and luckily enough stumble upon Creperie, a small stall manned by two smiling faces, Chintu and Tonuka, deftly rolling out crepes, sandwiches and smoothies. The stall was started by Aparna Abhinay, who plans to open more branches.

To celebrate finding the perfect outfit we raise a toast with berry smoothies, a chilly cheese crepe and the gooey Nutella crepe.

Tonuka applies generous amounts of Nutella on the crepe. The sizzling batter on the smoking hot crepe-maker gives off a delightful aroma. Our food arrives and as my impatient friend sinks her teeth into the crepe, she grunts gently.

Since it's fresh from the pan, it has a wonderful combination of a crisp exterior with a gooey core and almost melts in your mouth. Priced at Rs. 45, it's easy on your pocket, so are the others on the menu.

The chilly cheese crepe is just as well-endowed and guarantees mouthfuls of cheese with every bite. If you really want to enjoy your snack don't think about calories. We can always fight them off, can't we?

I am full. But my friend isn't. So a chicken cilantro sandwich is quickly ordered. In spite of being stuffed with numerous slivers of meat and overflowing with mayo and cheese, it is not as exciting as the crepes. The Berry Blast smoothie, a combination of blueberry, strawberry, mulberry and black currant, is overtly sweet.

There is no place to sit as it is a take-away counter. It would be perfect if there's a canopy and seats. But Chintu and Tonuka are quick to offer their little red stools for us to sit on.

Sipping on the smoothie, we watch the sky transform shades as the sun sets and the weather gets pleasant. The image of the Eiffel tower from the stall stares back at us and as the taste of crepes, Paris's favourite street food lingers on, it feels like an evening in Paris.


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