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Music that elevatesAlluri in performancePhoto:

Music that elevatesAlluri in performancePhoto:  

Indian indie / alternative band Alluri believes in making music the organic way

If Indian indie is not your thing, Alluri hopes to change just that. Fresh from his debut album Man of Truth, the Hyderabad-raised, London-based Redd Alluri aka Sriram brings together a very creative indie / alternative sound to his music. Teaming up with Phil Martini on drums, Gavin Jay on Bass and Petra Breiner on keyboard, the band (also called Alluri) was in the city recently to perform an elevating concert at The Humming Tree.

Their first visit to India, Gavin and Phil say they’re thoroughly thrilled to be here. “We’re very excited and looking forward to explore the music scene here.” Petra, who currently resides in Hyderabad, points out that while she hasn’t heard a lot, she enjoys Indian music. “I find it tricky sometimes since it’s so different from what I’m used to and what I grew up with. I’m often surrounded by a lot of music. It’s fascinating.” Sriram adds that while he’s visited Bengaluru before, this is the first time he’s playing here.

A meeting of chance, the trio met in London in 2014 while Petra is the newest entrant. Sriram says: “I was recording some music and wanted to take it live. Luckily I found Phil and Gavin. We’ve been playing gigs in the UK ever since. Petra joined us this year and we played together at the NH7.”

Their biggest takeaway, according to Gavin, is that any great concert should elevate you. “You enter the room like this,” he gestures with his hand stretched out at waist level and lifts it above his head, “And you leave like that. If you can pass that on to people, you’ve done your job.”

As simple as that, chorus the others.

With most of their song-writing left to a very organic process, the band likes to let things happen on their own. “Even when it comes to where our music is taking us,” Gavin says: “We have enough potewntial here to go forward in a few directions. But, that will become obvious in an organic way.”

On the name Alluri, Sriram points out that it’s his surname. “I came up with it before I met them. It’s a new project.

I started as an artiste and then formed the band. So I’m going the other way. Usually, people start as a band and end up splitting.

I’m taking it easy and trying to win over people.”

To aspiring musicians, the band says: “Just pick up your instrument, and get playing. Don’t stop and never give in; stay persistent.” Phil sums up with a one liner: “Simplicity is beauty. So keep it simple,” he beams.

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