All things calm and wonderful

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives, especially balancing work and children, we all look for peace and calm at the end of the day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our homes were designed to help us feel calm and blissful? Where the palette chosen is minimal but the impact just as maximal?

The colour white can help create that calm approach. I have been a keen supporter of light and bright homes for some time now.

They lend a purity not many spaces can boast of, and they experience and embrace the best natural light. And while the idea of an all-white interior sounds boring at the start, be assured that the blank canvas, when worked with smartly, can be your spa-like vacation abode all year long. Here are a few ways…

1. All those whites

Extend your colour palette to other shades of white. Cream, biscuit, cappuccino are some variations I love. Start with the key pieces of your room, like the bed or the couch upholstered in light shades to anchor the space. Next, choose your storage and other elements of the room, like the coffee table. Let these be light shades of wood or in hues of white.

Remember that you will be bringing in your personal belongings here in the end, and your books and memoirs will add the personal touch in the end. The white base and layers are just to set the core ambience.

2. Work in the textures

Now that we have the background ready, let’s have some fun. Add cushions, throws, rugs and linens in jute, silk and thicker woven textures that will play up the whites and give the space immense depth.

You can also work with self-coloured prints and embroidered cushions in similar tones. A white-motif wallpaper will also do wonders for a focus wall. Same with wooden textures — use veneers or art frames in light pine or oak, so the details are rich and varied.

3. Personalise

This is the best, most fun part. Decorate with your personal photo frames, books, collectibles, travel souvenirs, mirrors and more. No matter how colourful they are, you already have a neutral spa-like base for it. Pull back the colours or go all out. Either way, you will achieve a beautiful balance in your home.

Whether you’re more minimal with modern furniture dotting your living room, or more free-spirited boho-chic with thick rugs and floor cushions in your space, pick your design route and wield magic into your home with your brand-new supremely calm white base playing host!

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