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SONG AND DANCE “Camp Rock”  

Disney’s movie “Camp Rock” will premiere on December 26

Disney’s “Camp Rock”, a song and dance-filled movie for kids and families will premiere on Disney Channel on December 26 at 6 p.m.

“Camp Rock” is the story of a talented, yet unsure girl, Mitchie, who yearns to share her songs with the world, and of a young superstar who’s lost his passion for music, and is sent to the camp by his band mates.

Together, at a camp for aspiring young music artistes, they learn to believe in themselves and to value the freedom to be who they really want to be. The theme of the movie — ‘Don’t Fit in, Stand Out’ — is visible in Mitchie’s and Shane’s lives, as well as those of other characters as they go on a journey to self discovery at Camp Rock and find their own voices.

The local album of the movie includes three songs re-created in Hindi with Indian instruments, while nine others are re-recorded in Hindi. Kids across 550 schools in the country took part in the Camp Rock-inspired competition ‘My School Rocks’. The winners of the competition will soon feature in a Disney Channel music video to be choreographed by Bollywood choreographer and judge of the competition Shiamak Davar.


During the shoot in a remote area of Haliburton, Canada, the cast’s favourite hangout spot was the hotel lobby because it was the only location where they could get internet and cell phone connection

Camp Kilcoo, where the majority of the camp scenes were filmed, is a real camp

Choreographer Kishaya Dudley pulled the movie’s numerous dance performances together in just two weeks

The production used the camp’s arts and crafts room for the dance studio scenes

The kitchen in the movie is really just a meeting room that was constructed to look like a homey kitchen, because it matched actor Maria Canals Barrera’s personality better than the camp’s actual industrial-type kitchen

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