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will he click? Adhyayan Suman

will he click? Adhyayan Suman  

Adhyayan Suman is thrilled about his role in ‘Raaz 2’

Adhyayan Suman is eager to talk about his debut film “Raaz 2”. “I consider this my first film because my role in ‘Haal-e-Dil’ was too short to be classified a debut. I feel this will be a great movie. Mohit (Suri, the director) has managed to come up with a brilliant story.”

Thanks dad!

Adhyayan owes his entry into the film industry to his father Shekar Suman. “My father has always encouraged me and believes that I will be successful as an actor. All the attention I am getting is because of him.”

About his character, Adhyayan says: “I play a documentary filmmaker, who believes only in science and not in God. He manages to bust many superstitions and fraudulent practices. Kangna plays my love interest ..”

About the movie, he says: “ It can be classified as a thinking man’s horror movie.”

Adhyayan is all praise for his co-stars — Kangna Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi: “We had great fun on the sets. We gelled well. I hope the chemistry shows on screen.”


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