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SCARE DARE Giving daddy his due

SCARE DARE Giving daddy his due  

Adhyayan Suman plays down his debut in a horror flick

Adhyayan Suman does not carry airs about him and is very eager to talk about his debut film, Raaz 2. “I consider this to be my debut film because my role in Haal-e-Dil was too short to be classified a debut.

I feel that it will be a great movie. Mohit (Suri, the director) has managed to create a brilliant story.”

Mahesh Bhatt, the producer says: “Adhyayan is a great actor. He is going to be the superstar of the next generation.”

Papa’s boy

Adhyayan prefers to play down the burden of expectations that weigh down on him. He credits his father Shekar Suman with his emergence in the film industry. “My father has always encouraged me and believed that I will achieve success. I am in this position only because of him.”

Talking about his character, Adhyayan says: “I play a documentary film maker, who does not believe in God and has faith in science and facts. He manages to bust many superstitions and fraudulent practices. He believes that there is a scientific rationale for all the phenomena in the world. Kangna plays my love interest in the flick.The look and feel of the character is very simple.”

Adhyayan admits that in real life he does not relate to the character a great deal.

“I am not an atheist. I believe in the existence of a supreme being. However, in most cases, I do go with scientific reason and judgement.”

About the movie, he adds, “It is not very similar to the earlier instalment. It can be classified as a thinking man’s horror movie. It is not a movie that can be easily typecast in a particular genre. ”

Adhyayan is all praise for his co-stars girlfriend Kangana Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi, “We had great fun on the sets. We gelled well with each other. I hope the chemistry shows on screen also.” The young actor is thrilled about the background track of the film and considers Soniyo, as his personal favourite. “The music of the film is outstanding.” Adhyayan is currently looking forward to his next movie, Jashn that releases in March this year.


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