A solution to water billing woes

The right fitA WaterOn meter; Vivek Shukla

The right fitA WaterOn meter; Vivek Shukla  

WaterOn, an individual water meter created by SmarterHomes, offers accurate metering and techniques to notify users about leakages

Have you ever wondered about an app that will calculate the share of individual households in a housing complex and not have to pay a flat fee every month, that goes up every time a water shortage springs up in town? Or a mechanism by which you could check if you left that pesky leaky tap in the kitchen running?

In an attempt to make homes smarter and fix the issue of inflated water bills, corporate executives-turned entrepreneurs Vivek Shukla and Kasturi Rangan set up SmarterHomes, a start-up that provides solutions for housing societies to adopt individual water metering and provides facilities to monitor, control and optimise water consumption in real time.

Vivek says, “We were neighbours in HSR layout in Bangalore. We used to discuss issues facing the housing complex and started talking about the lack of sub meters for water. We felt that we should find a way to correct this issue and ensure that people pay for only the water they consume. We began by running tests with devices using displacement techniques and created an individual water meter, WaterOn. It offered accurate metering, leak prevention and other facilities and was well received.”

He adds, “One of the main issues we faced was that the water was not being supplied in a correct manner in most high rises. The shafts which carry these pipes don’t have any facility to install the meters . WaterOn can be installed in any manner and works best for tough-to-install locations. We fixed the water inlets with a WaterOn meter. The meters are connected in a network with transmission of data to the cloud. It is accessible via smartphones and allows users to view their water consumption and detect any abnormal consumption. The user can view per inlet consumption, historical or average consumption or even make comparisons with their neighbours. We have installed this product in a variety of locations across Bangalore and Hyderabad and plan to take it to cities across the country soon.”

Vivek points out, “One of the best features is that in the event of a leak, the device will alert the user on their phone and they can close the tap remotely with the help of an app. We have noticed that individual meters have meant that people try and spend water more judiciously. We are working on improvements, including valves that can monitor water supply better.”

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