A different taste to the thali

Taste of Andhra Experience Andhra cuisine in this fine-dining restaurant

Taste of Andhra Experience Andhra cuisine in this fine-dining restaurant  

Why should a south Indian thali always come with the usual suspects? South Indian food also doesn't mean just idli, dosa, lemon rice and pappu. And the non-vegetarian option shouldn't always make us select between kodi vepudu, dum ka murgh, natu kodi pulusu and chapa pulusu.

Giving a fresh lease of options to food which is typically Andhra, is Bagara. Situated in the lane next to the fire station in Secunderabad are two conjoined eateries, Bagara and 36 Bar-b-q. This place is big and is sure to give old-time restaurants in the area some competition. There are several reasons for this: It is a new place and has ample parking. It has a rich ambience and offers food that is a little difficult to otherwise find in the city.

The place offers separate seating for buffet and a lacarte and has well-planned interiors with lights to lift one's mood - perfect for family get-togethers and even more for pucca Andhra treats to travelling nonsouth Indian cousins and business associates.

Take for instance mamsam garelu or tomato egg curry. Or Golichina mamsam and kodi pakoda. These names are household items but difficult to find in a fine dining restaurant. If this is not enough, how about some beerakaya mamsam or bommidayalu pulusu? Of course, you have the gongura mamsam and the very tangy munagakaya mamsam on the list too.

For dal lovers, a must try is the traditional palakura pappu. It is prepared in such a way that everyone will fall in love with this dal. Also a must try here is the dal makhani. It has a hint of pure ghee, the tangy flavour and added to it the goodness of the green leaf - palakura.

If a la carte is not your type of food, try the Andhra thali. It comes with a variety of dishes and lets one eat to their heart's content. Vegetarians can try the Bagara baigan which comes with a hint of coconut and khus-khus. Spice lovers can opt for the gutti vankaya.

Along with Bagara is 36 Bar-b-q. Go to this place for the kebabs and you will never complain. The section has special tables that allow the set of skewers on a tub of hot coals to sit right in the middle of your table and enjoy the hot kebabs as they get ready.

The tables give plenty of room for your arms so no matter how many people you are dining with, you will not have to jostle for elbow space while eating. The takeaway options are economical as they are sold by weight. When here, it's best to try the rice and give the breads a royal miss.

After your meal, help yourself to some killi from the panwala to end your meal in mana style.

Location: Lane besides fire station, Secunderabad

USP: Authentic Andhra cuisine as thali and a la carte at Bagara and barbeques at 36-Bar-b-q

Parking space: Available


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