A bright ray of hope

UPBEAT Connecting with people is celebration, says Lisa

UPBEAT Connecting with people is celebration, says Lisa  

Lisa Ray is upbeat and raring to go

“I have a smart answer. I drink milk,” jokes Lisa Ray, when asked where she draws her strengths from.

The actor who has been fighting multiple myeloma says with conviction that she is well on the road to recovery. Flashing her disarming smile, she continues: “I do drink milk, a lot of it. On a serious note, it's a beautiful question and to me it has been a combination of things. Most importantly, the amount of support from people, in Canada and from India. It has been overwhelming,” adds the doe-eyed beauty.

“My recovery is on the upswing and life is full of celebration.” Coming back and reconnecting with people, she says is a symbol of celebration. “It's been a real journey. I am improving and it is helping my healing process,” the actor says.

Looking stunning and full of verve and enthusiasm, Lisa says she wants to keep her time occupied with work and more work.

“I am looking forward to the release of Deepa Mehta's Cooking with Stella in India. It was released in Canada to a good response.”

The film, a light comedy revolves around the family of a Canadian diplomat Maya (played by Lisa Ray), her husband Michael (Don McKellar) in Delhi and their cook Stella (Seema Biswas).

On taking the message across on cancer awareness, she says: “It is very hard to formulate a common message, because everyone goes through a different experience. My personal healing experience has been from inter-connecting with people.”

She shares her experiences on her blog ( Her immediate plan is to take off for a month, relax and live in India


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