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A new reading Pinki Virani says her book deals with every issue that affects India

A new reading Pinki Virani says her book deals with every issue that affects India   | Photo Credit: Photo: by author

Author Pinki Virani talks about her new book Deaf Heaven and the thoughts that went into it

In her first book, “Aruna’s Story”, journalist-author Pinki Virani recreated the real-life tragedy of a nurse Aruna Shanbaug, who was raped in the very hospital that she worked.

Another book of hers, “Bitter Chocolate” provided disclosures about men and women who sexually abuse their children. Her latest book “Deaf Heaven” is a departure from her earlier works of non-fiction. The book will also be made available on mobile phones.

“The novel deals with every issue that affects India, from the Bhopal gas tragedy to the decline in the population of vultures. I have experimented with a new format by narrating the story through a sutradhar (storyteller),” says Pinki Virani.

The sutradhar, is a soul on its way to heaven, she explains. “Deaf Heaven” is about the dead sutradhar, who begins talking to women, including her sister Damayanti.

So how was the experience of writing fiction after her earlier non-fictional genre? “Non-fiction requires research. But the experiences that moved me were non-fiction ones. When asked why the book has Bengali words Pinki said: “My character is Bengali. I wanted to use a lot of cuss words in Bengali but just couldn’t find too many.” To a suggestion to have Punjabi characters, Pinki says “yes I have a few Punjabi words too. Some parts of my book take readers to Delhi.”

SMS format

Discussing the new format, Pinki says, the book will also be made available in 90 SMSes. The Adult Audio-Mobile Book can be read via SMS and heard at any time via voice portals readers in a condensed form.

The author says it is targeted at the SMS addicts. Pinki says the book is also an attempt to introduce a new genre of reading.Book lovers can read the book, and the ones hooked on to the mobile can get in the text format.

But will that hurt the conventional book reading habit which is fast dwindling? Pinki says: “The experience of reading a book in the conventional format cannot be duplicated by anybody. You read 90 SMSes for a different experience.”


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