‘Cost of Coal’, India’s first documentary in VR

Anand Gandhi, best known for his directorial Ship of Theseus , and his team at Memesys Culture Lab have come out with their first documentary in Virtual Reality, titled Cost of Coal .

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Faiza Khan ( Superman of Malegaon ) and produced by Anand, Cost of Coal is pitched as India’s first narrative non-fiction film in the emerging medium of VR. The film puts the viewer at the centre of the narrative as forests and villages dramatically reduce in radius to make way for the coalmine and its unending fly ash ponds.

“The ability and the desire to transmit knowhow, intention, and insight to others around us have co-evolved with humanity itself,” says Anand Gandhi. “Mixed reality is a huge milestone in that human project of record keeping, perspective sharing, empathising, and merging with the ‘other’, a project that began with the first cave painting, or even earlier.”

The documentary was made in collaboration with Amnesty International India.

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