Youngsters sparkle

BRIGHT Aparna's performance was a rewarding experience

BRIGHT Aparna's performance was a rewarding experience  

It is always a delight to watch youngsters shining in their artistic endeavours. To prove this point it was a young medico Aparna Upadhyaya who won the hearts of the rasikas at Ramana Maharishi Heritage Centre, Sanjaynagar, with her impressive Bharatanatya performance.

I was happy to see Aparna utilising these aspects to the best possible extent and rewarding the viewers with a treat of chaste Bharatanatya. Inspiringly supported by her guru V. Nagabhushan (nattuvanga), Balasubramanya Sharma (vocal), Sridhar (violin), Venugopal (flute) and Tulasiram (mridanga), Aparna stuck to her form right from the opening Pushpanjali (ektala). Lively expressions, crisp laya and clarity of ideas marked her dance.

In sketching Dikshitar's "Siddhi Vinayakam" (Shanmukhapriya) Aparna's abhinaya glowed with artistry. Dayananda Saraswathi's "Om Shambho" (Revathi) krithi provided the textual material for the portrayal of Lord Shiva's greatness. The nritta and nrithya were complementary to each other.

Shruti's recital was a perfect one

Shruti's recital was a perfect one  

Playing the jalataranga or udaka vaadya requires tremendous hard work. Though there are instances Carnatic recitals on the instrument, Hindustani recitals are hard to come by. Young Shruti S. Iyengar stunned the audience at the Nayana auditorium with her brilliant jalataranga performance in the Every Wednesday Cultural Evening Programme series. Shruti was almost perfect in every demanding aspect of the kutcheri. The upcoming instrumentalist drew the picture of Malkauns in detail in vilambit, madhya and drut gats. Without being superficial and tricky, she could please lay listeners too with her unhurried and systematic, clarity-oriented music. She revelled in the rendition of Adana (madhyalaya teental), Bagesri Kaanada (madhyalaya teental) and Yaman (madhyalaya roopak tal).

Samskrithi Bhavana led by mridangist, dancer-guru B.K. Shyam Prakash, houses the unique Keshava College of Dance and Music. It offers B.A. degree course affiliated to the Bangalore University. The eleventh anniversary of the Bhavana at ADA Rangamandira. The students of the Bhavana performed marga-items such as alarippu, Pushpanjali, jathiswara, varna, padas etc with lot of success. Talented Raghunandan and Ashwini sparkled in the delineation of Todi varna. The duo shared the stage with attractive patterns. They continued to regale the rasikas with a fine nrithya-roopaka Natya Shankara.

Among the 20-plus characters, Nagesh, Meera, Ananth, Madhuri and others rose to the occasion.


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