Vintage stuff

THE VOCAL concert of T. M. Thyagarajan with the stalwarts Lalgudi G Jayaraman on the violin and Tiruchi Sankaran on the mridangam relayed recently from AIR, Chennai, was truly rare vintage fare. The Bhairavi alapana with captivating prayogas by the vocalist was in a zone of its own and the violin maestro in reply created magical melody with his bow and the stringed board. Walajapet Venkatramana Bhagavathar's ``Ra Ra Dasharatha Rajakumara," the fine-tuned neraval for the lyrics ``Aganitha Lokadhara" and the swaras sung with absolute felicity proved that T. M. Thyagarajan is a champion.

Lalgudi's art reminded one of the words of Albert Einstein after listening to the eight-year-old Yehudi Menuhin, ``Now I know that there is a God in heaven." Tiruchi Sankaran, seasoned percussionist, lent his support with zeal and enthusiasm.

Sri sadashiva Brahmendra was an avadoota who was born some 300 years ago. His songs with the signature `Paramahamsa' are very popular with rasikas and performers. AIR Chennai's feature on Sadashiva Brahmendra on May 11 was a very fulfilling effort.

The clear narration and music underlined with devotion and melody did touch an elusive chord. The songs included "Bajare Gopalam", "Smaravaram", "Manasa Sancharare", "Bajare Yadunatham", "Sarvam Brahma Mayam", "Sirasa Nahi Nahi Re", "Kelati Mamahridaye", "Gayathi Vana Mali" and "Pibare Rama Rasam".

The script by Mambalam Srinivasan, the rendition by a group of singers and the music by K. V. Ramanujam contributed to the success of this informative and enjoyable programme that compared favourably with the one produced by Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer many many years ago on the same subject.


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