Uravu Solla Oruvan

(Raj TV, weekdays, 21.30)

Produced by Serial Point, the serial follows the trials and tribulations of a woman and how she overcomes them. The story revolves round a lawyer, Geetha, and her family. Geetha marries Ramu, the man she loves, with the blessings of her brother and anni, her only relatives. Their lives become more pleasant when Geetha gives birth to a baby boy, Murthy.

But a sudden twist turns the whole situation topsy-turvy. Geetha learns that her husband has another wife and a son. This leads to tension. The situation becomes worse when Ramu's first wife is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect. Geetha's argument in court saves him from punishment. But after this, the two have a tiff, which leads to their separation. Twenty years later Geetha is hospitalised due to chest pain. The doctor who treats her resembles her husband. This makes her wonder if he could be her son. She thinks about her past and longs to join the family again. Will Geetha and her family re-unite? Directed by Rajendran — Kalkiram and written by Vimala Ganesh, the cast includes Harita, Auditor Sridhar, Varalakshmi, Devi and J. Lalitha.

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