Unique cotton creations

Aesthetic appeal is the bottom line...

Aesthetic appeal is the bottom line...  

FABINDIA PRESENTS a collection of designer saris featuring two great craft traditions of Bengal: Kantha embroidery and Alpona. Banari Goenka of `Suvam' has used both Kantha and Alpona with amazing sensitivity, artistry and innovation on cotton and silk saris. `Suvam' saris use Kantha to create stunning visuals ranging from the all over textured look to a delicate sprinkling of motifs.

Traditional Kantha motifs such as floral themes and geometric patterns create rich pallus and borders. Equally compelling are the traditional `Alpona' motifs used on fine Bengal cottons with woven or zari borders.

Ganesha, within a ritual format, is another striking motif used with great effect on cotton sari pallus.

The three-day exhibition cum sale of Suvam's exclusive Kantha and hand painted Alpona saris opens today at Fabindia, Ilford house, Woods Road, off Anna Salai.


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