Tribute to the maestros

RHYTHM TIME The Malladi brothers engrossed in a duet.

RHYTHM TIME The Malladi brothers engrossed in a duet.  

The Mahadevu Radhakrishna Raju Memorial Trust and the monthly sabha, Swarajhari jointly organised the vardhanthis of Mahadevu Radhakrishna Raju and his guru Potluri Veeraraghaviah Chowdary who rendered great service to the field of mridangam by producing scores of disciples in the traditional gurukula system.

After the guru pooja there was a sumptuous vocal concert by the popular Malladi brothers, Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar. The duo was accompanied by R.K. Sriramkumar on the violin, Thiruvarur Bhakthavatsalam on the mridangam and V. Suresh on the ghatam. The concert, which threatened to be a noisy one initially, gradually settled down to be a soothing and melodious one. However, the obsession of the percussionists constantly demanding more and more volume marred the effect of the concert to some extent in the initial stage.

Prasad and Ravi crisply started the concert with the Thodi varnam and followed it with Sankari samkuru in Saveri and Nanubrovamani cheppave, Ramadas's famous keertana in Kalyani with the elder of the two, Prasad presenting the raga delineation pregnant with soulful phrases. For the main piece, O Rangasayi in Kambhoji Ravikumar gave an excellent version of the raga with rich bhava and clarity. Sriramkumar's violin support was of average quality. Bhakthavatsalam was brilliant but too loud on his mridangam. The tani presented by him and Suresh (ghatam) was an intricate and pleasing laya vinyasam, which came to a close with a thundering climax.


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