Treat for Hindustani lovers

ASHWINI BHIDE'S concert for Raaga — a gathering' on November 28 at Ragasudha Hall was a treat for the starved Hindustani music lovers in the city. Such brilliance sparkled to everyone's delight. Her concert was clear demonstration of her expertise and great talent. She started the evening's programme with Raag Yaman, a vilambit in teen taal, "Bol lagana la". Her calibre was evident from the very beginning as she weaved magic with just three notes Ni, Ri, Ga for almost 15 minutes. Her voice had a brilliant range moving down to gandhara in the mandra saptak. As she ascended the notes, the build up was smooth and steady. The repetition of Ma Ri, was beautifully pronounced. The before she moved to the bandesh in madhayalaya came down like a cascade enchanting the audience. The madhyalaya composition "Kara Karatha banu" in matt taal (9 matras) and the tarana that followed in teen taal were rendered in Yaman Kalyan, i.e. with the prayog of shudha madhyam and tivra madhyam.

The next raag, Megh Malhar is sung during the rainly season and one hopes it brings rains to the city that needs it badly. Ashwini presented a bandesh "Gajara Gata Gana" a vilambit in jap taal ( 10 beats), a melodious piece bringing out the essence of the raag. Ashwini proceeded to present two compositions in raag Vachaspati, "Kamala Nayana Varo" and "Chedo Na More Shyam", both set to teen taal. Hindustani Vachaspati is different from its Carnatic counterpart, Vachaspathi, 64 the melakartha raga, in omitting the rishabh in the arohan. Ashwini's voice, which had warmed up by then aided her to deliver brisk tans.

Hori is a folk type of song which describes the festival of Holy, the festival of colours. Traditional folk music of U.P., a composition by Anita Sen, "Sakala Brij Dhooma" based on raag Manj Kamaj was an enjoyable song. Ashwini won the immense appreciation of the audience as she weaved in raags Sarang and Piloo with such intricacy. Playing with the word "Nand dulare" she moved to raag Nand which was melodious. She concluded her concert with an Abhang in raag Bhimplas and a Kabir Bhajan in raag Bhairavi. These songs were rendered with so much emotion, she established a personal rapport with everyone present there. The Dohas that preceded the Kabhir Bhajan, were soulfully rendered. Udayaraj Kappor on the table and Ravikant Katoti on the harmonium gave wonderful support making the evening a memorable one.


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