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Exposing the hypocrisy of present day lovers.

Exposing the hypocrisy of present day lovers.  

SATIRE IS the strongest tool of writers to expose the evils in the society. Satire can be portrayed more effectively in theatre than in any other medium. This was evident in the few satirical plays presented by Celebrations, a Kochi-based theatre group. The theatre adaptation of three popular short stories proved that the theatre versions are powerful than the original work.

Celebrations, which has already carved a niche with their innovative and daring productions such as `Hijada' and `Mukkanchi,' presented three satirical plays and a mime performance, which was well-received by the audience. The show was organised by the Bank Employees Art Movement, Ernakulam (BEAME) at Kerala Fine Arts Hall.

The first short play `Kaamithakkal' (Lovers) was adapted from a popular short story in Hindi by renowned writer Harishankar Parsai. It depicted the posthumous life of a pair who committed suicide together to accomplish their desire to live harmoniously. They were surprised to find that posthumous life is even worse and eventually they meet god and request him to give back their earlier life.

The satire exposes the hypocrisy of present day lovers who deceive each other without any integrity. Vinodkumar and Ranju who were in the lead roles were impressive. Mohan Angamally, Gokulan, Thankam Menon and Abilash were the other actors. The next satire `Kakkakal'(Crows) was an adaptation from a Malayalam short story by P. R. Nathan. It was all about a man who is crazy about of crows. He never stops talking or thinking about crows. But when he invites them to eat up the `pindam' he offered as a ritual, the crows never came to him. It reminds the audience of the fast changing world and exposes the narrow-minded attitude of the people. The acting of Shijuraj and Thankam Menon were the highlights of the play.

The mime performance was also satirical. The sale of dead bodies and organs in the Medical College and the commercialisation and corruption of the educational system were portrayed comically but with all its seriousness. The movements of the artiste were in unison with the music and the gestures were well communicative.

Interestingly, the mime was performed by a group of students from the Government Polytechnic, Kalamassery, who won the first prize in mime in the Inter-Poly Festival.

The solo performance of Ratheeshkumar in the role of a mentally challenged person, who loves nature and its inhabitants, was excellent. The screenplay of `Kakkayude Kuttukaran' was also by the actor and it portrayed man's ruthless cruelty towards nature.

The evening ended with an adaptation of the satirical short story, `Sadhacharathinte Chathan,' by Harishankar Parsai. The corruption that embraces the entire system was exposed in the play. Even a chathan, a devilish spirit exclusively created, fails to halt the ongoing corruption in society.

The director duo, Vinod Kumar-Manoj Kumar, had `Vikramadhithya and Vethal' compere the evening, keeping a link between one play and another.


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