"The Haunted Mansion"

OH WELL, The Haunted Mansion! What could the story possibly be about? Real estate agent Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his wife (and partner) Sara (Marsha Thomason) drop in at the Haunted Mansion for a 20-minute stop to attend to an enquiry, on their way to the Lake resort for a weekend holiday. What the audience gets is 100 minutes of what happens next.

Walt Disney Pictures' ``The Haunted Mansion" (directed by Rob Minkoff) left halls haunted in the U.S. within days of its release.

But this movie will have you laughing one way or the other. Here are possible reasons why you would want to watch or not watch the movie.

Ten Reasons Why You Would Watch This Movie: 1) You are bored. And you need some entertainment. 2) Ghosts tickle you. 3) You have this massive crush on Eddie Murphy or an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that you make it a point to watch all that he does. 4) You have a girlfriend or boyfriend who loves Eddie or has a crush on him or has an OCD. 5) You have a girlfriend or boyfriend who does not like Eddie or his movies but likes to spend a romantic afternoon with you. 6) You saw the trailer and thought ``Hey, that's a funny one I shouldn't miss!" 7) You just bunked class or work and didn't get tickets for any other movie. And you like the AC and couches at Sathyam. 8) You work for Columbia Pictures or someone just gave you free tickets. 9) Well... you simply love movies. aren't one of those people who go to the hall to analyse or find faults, you just love movies. Especially, the ones that try to cut across genres. This one is a horror, adventure and comedy flick with tons of special effects. 10) You prefer any average Hollywood flick to a popular Tamil film.

Five Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want To Watch: 1) You are a critic. Your time is too precious to waste on every other film Hollywood churns out. So much that you wouldn't mind watching Last Samurai all over again. 2) You have HBO and STAR Movies at home. And this is just the kind of film that will play in the channels by Christmas this year. 3) You prefer to selectively watch movies with a DVD player and a remote control, with your hand on the Fast Forward button. 4) Someone wrongly told you that this is just another C grade horror flick (which it isn't really. It's more like a B + comedy. And intentionally one, not a horror film that comes out funny unintentionally.) 5) You just can't stand Eddie Murphy.