Sordid affair - Oru Kadhal Seiveer

Oru Kadhal Seiveer
Genre: Drama
Director: Bhargavan
Cast: S.A.Santhosh, Krishna, Ilavarasu, Chandrasekar, `Indian' Baskar, Archana Kalrani, Richa and Sabitha Anand.
Storyline: A casual fling becomes a perpetual nightmare for a young girl.
Bottomline: This romance puts you off.Selvi Productions "Oru Kadhal Seiveer" is a film with a message that has not been conveyed very well. The climax is a let down thus diluting the story. And director Bhargavan, who is also in charge of the story, screenplay and dialogue, should have avoided certain scenes, for instance, the fake holy men. Kamesh (S. A. Santhosh) and Subha (Archana Kalrani) meet each other. She comes across as a person with few values and does not hesitate to sleep with him. And when he wants to marry her, she walks out of the affair saying it was just a fling. She marries Anand but the past catches up. Kamesh, a good friend of Anand haunts her. Santhosh impresses with his looks and dance. But the character loses charm due to poor etching. Krishna does a neat job as the husband of the heroine. Archana Kalrani is beautiful but has to work on her acting. Ilavarasu as the journalist has a meaty role and acquits himself well. Chandrasekar, Sabitha Anand and Risha are the others in the cast.Visagan's camera work is noteworthy while music by Bharani, especially the background score, leaves a lot to be desired. S. R. ASHOK KUMAR