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PENITENT PLAY A scene where the youth are advised to follow the right path.

PENITENT PLAY A scene where the youth are advised to follow the right path.  

September 11 was designed to be a summit experience for the thousands of young men and women, mostly students who thronged the sprawling St. Mary's school grounds, Secunderabad. The venue was draped in festivity while the atmosphere was solemn, serene and sublime. It was Youth Day at the Eucharistic Congress, part of the global celebration of the Year of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

As the Eucharist, believed to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the form of bread and wine, was enthroned on the altar the spiritual mood among the participants was intoxicating and ecstatic. It was a case of high-voltage spirituality.The Eucharist is central to Christianity and many have understood its essence. Once when Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru visited Mother Theresa's charity home in Calcutta, she urged that they first visit the `master of the house' and led Nehru into the chapel. While she knelt down in adoration Nehru joined her in deep veneration.

At the congress, Fr. Cyril Das, SVD, the preacher called the devout to have implicit faith in the Eucharistic Lord Jesus. He led the congregation through intense adoration, atonement and resolve to reform. He urged the youth to live a life of love and service. Many encountered peace in different ways. A play written and enacted by the youth vividly portrayed the various ways the youth are dragged into evil and how turning to God one finds peace and joy.

A Eucharistic procession and a concelebrated solemn High Mass (divya pooja) led by the Most Rev. Marampudi Joji, Archbishop of Hyderabad marked the climax of the Eucharistic congress for the youth. A fellowship lunch and dinner further forged the sense of community and common mission among the people.

The exalted spiritual experience of the day, can have an inspiring and transforming effect on others in society. `Be Jesus to one another' was the call of the Eucharistic Congress, not only to Christians but also to all people of goodwill of all religions.

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