Singing to his tune




Sarath made his mark in the Malayalam music industry with a handful of hits. Now that he has made his debut in Tamil films, he is pinning his hopes on those musical creations to establish his credentials as a successful music director.

The film `June R,' directed by debutante director Revathy S. Varma, has five well-crafted songs scored by Sarath.

The film, which will hit theatres in January, has three generations of heroines: Sarita, Khushboo and Jyotika in the cast. `Eano Eano... ,' one of the songs in the film, has been sung by Sarath.

The music director was in Thiruvananthapuram recently to participate in a programme. Recounting his determination to make it as a music director, Sarath says, "As a college student in Kollam, where I hail from, I found it hard to resist the pull of music. Before long, I hit the road for Chennai to pursue a career in music."

When he was 16, he recorded his first album in Tamil, `Sangeetha Paravai.' "Actually, I began my career by singing for the film `Onninguvannenkil' under the baton of Syam," he points out.

`Kshanakatthu,' a Malayalam film, saw him make a successful debut in Malayalam film music. The five songs in the film were instant hits.

After these came more melodious songs from him in films like `Pavitram,' `Ottayal pattalam,' `Sindura rekha,' and `Tacholi Vargees Chekavar.'

Sarath is also a good Carnatic vocalist and has been under the guidance of maestro Balamuralikrishna since 1989.

He is a music director who dreams of recreating those good old days of film music.

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