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Madhumati... hardwork will take her places.

Madhumati... hardwork will take her places.  

LALITA KALA Vedika, recently organised an Odissi recital by Madhumathi, disciple of Kshama Rau. In Chennai, where Bharatanatyam occupies the predominant position in the cultural scenario, it is heartening to note that a senior disciple of the illustrious Kelucharan Mohapatra is keeping the tradition alive by training aspiring students like Madhumathi.

Madhumathi appeared to be serious and focussed in her artistic endeavour. Her performance revealed commitment and sincerity. However, Madhumathi should pay attention to details, for instance, the graceful finish and freezing of the postures that are unique to this dance-form. While Madhumathi exhibited good grip in the rhythmical aspects, she has to relax to give her abhinaya a touch of casual grace. Hardwork will help Madhumathi attain great heights. Time and experience are two major factors that play a vital role in the shaping of bright enthusiasts like Madhumathi.

The invocatory Mangalacharan and the Batu Nritya that followed were neat presentations endowed with serenity in execution. Madhumathi's handling of the basic stance and her nimble footwork deserve mention. The beautiful love-poetry of Jayadeva, which remains a perennial source for mimetic interpretations in Odissi, is a confluence of music and dance. The ragas of Carnatic music are employed to suit the North Indian dance tradition. The Ashtapadis in Odissi format provide an exotic ambience for elaboration of the sentiment of love. ``Vasanthe Vaasanthi" was sung beautifully in raga Vasantha brought. The danseuse, however, did not convey the love-agony of Radha, afflicted by the advent of spring. There was lack of depth and involvement in the depiction. The next number, Pallavi, a combination of Nritta and abhinaya occupying the similar status of a Varnam in the Bharatanatyam repertoire, was a short one where the young dancer revealed control and composure. Madhumathi would do well to work some more on the piece to give it some depth.

Madhumathi's recital was supported by a well-recorded musical accompaniment. A simple stage-set planned by Shobhana Ravi, television news-reader and mother of Madhumathi, enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the recital. Madhumathi's costume and make-up were pleasing.


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